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50 most recent check-ins

Fix a bug (already present on trunk) with the (non-legacy) comment printing algorithm, detected while running the regression tests from test/comment.test with UTF-8 text: the function to print the indent (modified to a calculate-only function on this branch) was handed a pointer to the current line index and the current line index, thus performing checks at (current line index * 2), causing random increments of the current line index. Leaf check-in: 70dd8f74 user: florian tags: comment-formatter-utf8
More coding style fixes. check-in: 2dca9b82 user: florian tags: comment-formatter-utf8
Coding style fixes. check-in: aadbbb38 user: florian tags: comment-formatter-utf8
For better word breaking results with the (non-legacy) comment printing algorithm, make sure the lookahead to the next space character is UTF-8-aware. Also make sure the per-line remaining character count is decremented properly for UTF-8 sequences. The neuralgic points now handle UTF-8 sequences correctly, and they could be enhanced to work with the effective display width, if required (to handle combining characters, and East Asian Wide and Fullwidth characters). check-in: c9ec3d18 user: florian tags: comment-formatter-utf8
Ensure the line buffer for the legacy comment printing algorithm can hold maximum-length UTF-8 sequences. check-in: 29d3a2ed user: florian tags: comment-formatter-utf8
Fix a problem with initial indent introduced by the previous check-in, so that all regression tests from test/comment.test now succeed. Also eliminate three more calls to fossil_print(). Regarding performance, the legacy comment printing algorithm is outnumbered by factor 2-3, with these changes. check-in: b029ed22 user: florian tags: comment-formatter-utf8
Add output buffering to the (non-legacy) comment printing algorithm, to reduce calls to fossil_print(). The resulting performance improvement can be up to factor 10, with a perceptible difference even for short comments (measured and tested on Windows with MSVC builds, and on Ubuntu with GCC builds). (For comparison: for the legacy comment printing algorithm, the extra UTF-8 checks added by this branch impair performance by 0.12-1.8%, depending on whether the input contains predominantly multi-byte vs. ASCII-only sequences.) check-in: 16fde3ff user: florian tags: comment-formatter-utf8
Update the built-in SQLite to the latest 3.26.0 beta. This is beta-testing for SQLite. Leaf check-in: d3f454fa user: drh tags: trunk
Fix a bug in the skin edit pages that can result in an infinite loop. check-in: 995e184c user: drh tags: trunk
Do not run backoffice if the "--in" option is used on the "fossil http" command. check-in: afb1e5f6 user: drh tags: trunk
Do not attempt to run backoffice if the repository is read-only. check-in: 4f15d34f user: drh tags: trunk
Merged login-on-post branch to trunk check-in: c0e384cf user: wyoung tags: trunk
Another attempt to fix non-constant format complaint. Closed-Leaf check-in: 725630f3 user: wyoung tags: login-on-post
Fix to previous for the "non-constant format" complaint from some compilers. I can't see what they're yelling about, but this fixes it. check-in: 095333fc user: wyoung tags: login-on-post
The "New Thread" button in /forum is no longer restricted to those with forum write capability: if you lack it, we now send you to the login page instead. Without this, users without the capability to post are left looking in through the window of a building without obvious doors. This change pairs especially nicely with the self-registration feature, but it doesn't require it, since /login also allows anonymous login, which should be enabled for Fossil forums on sites where non-users are expected to visit. check-in: cdb7f3b9 user: wyoung tags: login-on-post
Improve grep documentation check-in: 4af31f11 user: andygoth tags: trunk
When running a bisect, show the span between the two extremes and the number of steps remaining after each step. check-in: b45dd1c7 user: drh tags: trunk
Fix the /brlist page so that branches are (once again) shown in time order. check-in: c21c7742 user: drh tags: trunk
Enhance the "fossil branch ls" command with two new options. The -t option sorts the branch list with the most recent branch first. The -r option reverses the sort order. check-in: db2682dc user: drh tags: trunk
Enhance makeheaders so that it is able to deal with static_assert() statements. (These do not come up in Fossil itself. This check-in is in response to use of Makeheaders by external projects.) check-in: 8cecc544 user: drh tags: trunk
Enhance the repository list page so that it shows the name of project for each repository, and so that the "Last Modified" time is based on the most recent event in the repository, not the repository file mtime. check-in: cdea59dc user: drh tags: trunk
Split out the repo_list_page() routine, used to generate the repository list for "fossil all ui" and similar, into a separate source file "repolist.c" to make it easier to enhance and maintain. check-in: 45a71349 user: drh tags: trunk
Update custom MinGW makefile. check-in: 1c32c5b8 user: mistachkin tags: trunk
Fixed an off-by-one error in the error log header printer, resulting in the day number being for the next day past the call time. Bug diagnosis and fix from check-in: cf9b44a9 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Now that type has changed due to [d0fa9eee56], cast back to match total variable. check-in: 77371043 user: andybradford tags: trunk
Use a signed type to avoid an infinite loop in socket_send(); socket_receive() is already fine. check-in: d0fa9eee user: andybradford tags: trunk
Enhance the security-audit page to detect insecurities resulting from having self-registration enabled. This is a work in progress. More testing and more checks are needed in this area. check-in: 724ccc46 user: drh tags: trunk
Modify the comment formatter to avoid output of incomplete UTF-8 sequences, and to avoid line breaks inside UTF-8 sequences. See for detailed information and tests. check-in: 1bbca2c3 user: florian tags: comment-formatter-utf8
Backout [4d384ed875] and [5677271a1c] to simplify the hamburger menu customization template. Leaf check-in: bf8946a1 user: florian tags: js-hamburger-menu
Remove leftover IE8 compatibility code, as the hamburger menu never worked with this browser. (The hamburger button would be replaced with a non-scripted link to the sitemap, if JS processing got this far.) check-in: b0043203 user: florian tags: js-hamburger-menu
For consistency, HTMLize another TH1 variable, though not sure if this is required, see check-in: 5677271a user: florian tags: js-hamburger-menu
Switch away from classic (bubbling-only) event handling to simplify management of temporary handlers, and to have the ESC key listener use a priority (capturing) handler, to prevent any other keydown handlers or default actions for the ESC key while the panel is open. This does not change the compatibility test results summarized here: (IE8 halts JS processing at JSON.parse in antiRobotDefense, anyway.) Also, for non-compatible browsers, there's a new fallback to transform the hamburger button into a simple (non-scripted) link to the sitemap. check-in: e3376829 user: florian tags: js-hamburger-menu
Fix a comment on the "html" and "puts" TH1 commands. Before this fix, the meanings of the two commands were reversed. check-in: 35563f3d user: drh tags: trunk
Alternative name for the "customskin" document in the document index. check-in: 2aa4ef94 user: drh tags: trunk
Cancel the timer to remove the border of the hamburger menu panel after the closing animation, if the menu is closed and immediately reopened by double-clicking the hamburger button. check-in: c73deeb6 user: florian tags: js-hamburger-menu
Recalculate the dimensions of the hamburger menu if the browser window is resized. check-in: 7c724cf7 user: florian tags: js-hamburger-menu
Fix the hamburger menu template from the documentation to ensure TH1 variables are properly HTMLized. check-in: 4d384ed8 user: florian tags: js-hamburger-menu
Enable customization of the hamburger menu through the default skin header.txt. check-in: 497dbb35 user: florian tags: js-hamburger-menu
Extend the CSS fixes to avoid column breaks inside list items, [dc5e06ff71] and [51da396650], as Firefox classifies 'break-inside' as an 'invalid property name'. This affects the sitemap and the hamburger drop-down menu. check-in: 5bd8d6fe user: florian tags: js-hamburger-menu
Read the CSS transition style to be restored later directly from the (previously initialized) style property, as window.getComputedStyle() seems to return null with Firefox, in this specific case. This fixes a problem introduced with the previous check-in. check-in: c6735b38 user: florian tags: js-hamburger-menu
Allow the hamburger menu to be closed instantly by pressing ESC or by clicking outside. This is the patch initially submitted to, with the interim changes incorporated. check-in: a44fdd17 user: florian tags: js-hamburger-menu
Fix minor inaccuracy in the number of years in the human_readable_age() function. check-in: e93ae526 user: drh tags: trunk
Applied a patch by forum user vor0nwe to allow the WYSIWYG wiki page editor to work in the face of the new CSP restrictions on inline JavaScript. The patch and explicit license for inclusion in Fossil are here: check-in: 543cdd47 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Removed a period at the end of a sentence ending in a URL to avoid the need for cleverness in URL handling to get the correct document to open. (Affects "fossil help grep" output.) Problem noticed by jungleboogie on the forum, /forumpost/13332107cc.) check-in: fac3d6b0 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Added a nonce attribute to the <script> tag for the inline JavaScript backing the WYSIWYG wiki editor feature. Without this, modern browsers throw a CSP violation. check-in: 12a90ff4 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Bolded the card letters in and normalized 'X card' vs 'X-card' vs '"X" card' to make it easier to search for a given card type in the document. check-in: a1437b24 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Update to SQLite 3.25.2 final check-in: 04a21428 user: jan.nijtmans tags: trunk
Fix a conflict when syncing forum posts. check-in: 8a980fde user: drh tags: trunk
Fix a minor hyperlink problem in the bootstrap skin. check-in: 7ca68af0 user: drh tags: trunk
Added the mv/rm files change to the 2.7 changelog check-in: be1bc912 user: wyoung tags: trunk