ET is no longer being actively developed. For new development work, please consider using mktclapp instead of ET.

Embedded Tk

Embedded Tk or ``ET'' is tool for making stand-alone executables out of a mixture of C or C++ and Tcl/Tk. Using ET you can invoke a short Tcl/Tk script in the middle of a C routine, or you can invoke a C routine in the middle of a Tcl/Tk script. ET also bundles external Tcl/Tk scripts (including the standard Tcl/Tk startup scripts) into the executable so that the executable can be run on another binary-compatible computer that doesn't have Tcl/Tk installed.

As of version 1.6b3, ET will now generate executables for Windows3.1, Windows95 and WindowsNT when used together with Tk4.1. Additional information can be found in the README file that is part of the 1.6b3 and later distributions.

Beginning with version 8.0, the ET version numbers now track the corresponding Tcl/Tk version numbers.

The following is available:

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