The makeheaders program is a simple utility that will automatically generate all the ``.h'' files for large programming project based on information gleaned from the ``.c'' or ``.cpp'' source files. It operates by scanning the C and/or C++ source code, extracting appropriate macros, structure and subroutine declarations and writing this declarations, in the correct order, into the generated header files.

The makeheaders program has been used on a variety of projects since 1993. It has proven very helpful in reducing the complexing and improving the reliability of these projects. It is very fast and very easy to use, requiring almost no changes to the coding styles employed by most C or C++ programmers.

Complete documentation is available on-line. The source code to makeheaders is contained in a single ANSI C file that is known to compile on a variety of Unix and Win32 platforms. The source code is released under the terms of the two-clause BSD license.