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SQLite C Interface

Flags for the xAccess VFS method

#define SQLITE_ACCESS_READWRITE 1   /* Used by PRAGMA temp_store_directory */
#define SQLITE_ACCESS_READ      2   /* Unused */

These integer constants can be used as the third parameter to the xAccess method of an sqlite3_vfs object. They determine what kind of permissions the xAccess method is looking for. With SQLITE_ACCESS_EXISTS, the xAccess method simply checks whether the file exists. With SQLITE_ACCESS_READWRITE, the xAccess method checks whether the named directory is both readable and writable (in other words, if files can be added, removed, and renamed within the directory). The SQLITE_ACCESS_READWRITE constant is currently used only by the temp_store_directory pragma, though this could change in a future release of SQLite. With SQLITE_ACCESS_READ, the xAccess method checks whether the file is readable. The SQLITE_ACCESS_READ constant is currently unused, though it might be used in a future release of SQLite.

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