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2017-01-02 - Release 3.16.0

SQLite version 3.16.0 is a regularly schedule maintenance release.

This release includes many microoptimizations that collectively reduce the CPU cycle count by about 9%, add there have been important enhancements to the command-line shell.

Support for PRAGMA functions is added, so that many pragma statements can be used as part of a larger SQL query. This is considered an experimental feature. We do not anticipate any changes to the PRAGMA function interface, but will keep continue to call this interface "experimental" for a few release cycles in case unforeseen issues arise.

See the change log for other enhancements.

2016-11-28 - Release 3.15.2

SQLite version 3.15.2 is a bug-fix patch release that fixes several minor issues in the 3.15.0 and 3.15.1 releases.

2016-11-04 - Release 3.15.1

SQLite version 3.15.1 is a bug-fix patch release that fixes some minor issues in the 3.15.0 release.

2016-10-14 - Release 3.15.0

SQLite version 3.15.0 is a regularly scheduled maintenance release. The key feature in this release is the added support for row values. There are also other enhancements and fixes for a number of obscure bugs.

The 3.15.0 release uses about 7% fewer CPU cycles than 3.14.2. Most of the improvement in this release is in the SQL parser, query planner, and byte-code generator (the front-end) corresponding to the sqlite3_prepare_v2() interface. Overall, version 3.15.0 uses about half as much CPU time as version 3.8.1 (2013-10-17). These performance measurements are made using the "speedtest1.c" workload on x64 compiled with gcc and -Os. Performance improvements may vary with different platforms and workloads.

2016-09-12 - Release 3.14.2

SQLite version 3.14.2 fixes several obscure bugs and adds improved support for building SQLite using the STDCALL calling convention on 32-bit windows systems. Upgrading from versions 3.14 and 3.14.1 is optional.

2016-08-11 - Release 3.14.1

SQLite version 3.14.1 adds a small patch to improve the performance of the pcache1TruncateUnsafe() routine for cases when the only a few pages on the end of the cache are being removed. This causes COMMITs to run faster when there is a very large page cache. Upgrading from version 3.14 is optional.

2016-08-08 - Release 3.14

SQLite version 3.14 (the "π" release) is a regularly scheduled maintenance release containing performance enhancements, new features, and fixes for obscure bugs.

2016-05-18 - Release 3.13.0

SQLite version 3.13.0 is a regularly schedule maintenance release containing performance enhancements and fixes for obscure bugs.

2016-04-18 - Release 3.12.2

Yikes! The 3.12.0 and 3.12.1 releases contain a backwards compatibility bug! Tables that declare a column with type "INTEGER" PRIMARY KEY (where the datatype name INTEGER is quoted) generate an incompatible database file. The mistake came about because the developers have never thought to put a typename in quotes before, and so there was no documentation of that capability nor any tests. (There are tests now, though, of course.) Instances of quoting the datatype name are probably infrequent in the wild, so we do not expect the impact of this bug to be too severe. Upgrading is still strongly recommended.

Fixes for three other minor issues were included in this patch release. The other issues would have normally been deferred until the next scheduled release, but since a patch release is being issued anyhow, they might as well be included.

2016-04-08 - Release 3.12.1

SQLite version 3.12.1 is an emergency patch release to address a crash bug that snuck into version 3.12.0. Upgrading from version 3.12.0 is highly recommended.

Another minor problem involving datatypes on view columns, and a query planner deficiency are fixed at the same time. These two issues did not justify a new release on their own, but since a release is being issued to deal with the crash bug, we included these other fixes for good measure.

2016-03-29 - Release 3.12.0

SQLite version 3.12.0 is a regularly scheduled maintenance release. A notable change in this release is an increase in the default page size for newly created database files. There are also various performance improvements. See the change log for details.

2016-03-03 - Release 3.11.1

SQLite version 3.11.1 is a patch release that fixes problems in the new FTS5 extension and increases a default setting in the spellfix1 extension, and implements enhancements to some of the Windows makefiles. The SQLite core is unchanged from 3.11.0. Upgrading is optional.

2016-02-15 - Release 3.11.0

SQLite version 3.11.0 is a regularly scheduled maintenance release.

2016-01-20 - Release 3.10.2

Yikes! An optimization attempt gone bad resulted in a bug in the LIKE operator which is fixed by this patch release. Three other minor but low-risk fixes are also included in the patch.

2016-01-14 - Release 3.10.1

SQLite version 3.10.1 is a bug-fix release primarily targeting the fix for the query planner bug cb3aa0641d9a4 discovered by Mapscape. Also included is a minor API enhancement requested by the Firefox developers at Mozilla. The differences from version 3.10.0 are minimal.

2016-01-06 - Release 3.10.0

SQLite version 3.10.0 is a regularly scheduled maintenance release.

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