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Session Module C Interface

Finalize A Changeset Iterator

int sqlite3changeset_finalize(sqlite3_changeset_iter *pIter);

This function is used to finalize an iterator allocated with sqlite3changeset_start().

This function should only be called on iterators created using the sqlite3changeset_start() function. If an application calls this function with an iterator passed to a conflict-handler by sqlite3changeset_apply(), SQLITE_MISUSE is immediately returned and the call has no effect.

If an error was encountered within a call to an sqlite3changeset_xxx() function (for example an SQLITE_CORRUPT in sqlite3changeset_next() or an SQLITE_NOMEM in sqlite3changeset_new()) then an error code corresponding to that error is returned by this function. Otherwise, SQLITE_OK is returned. This is to allow the following pattern (pseudo-code):

sqlite3changeset_start(); while( SQLITE_ROW==sqlite3changeset_next() ){ // Do something with change. } rc = sqlite3changeset_finalize(); if( rc!=SQLITE_OK ){ // An error has occurred }

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