Technical Support Agreement

A Technical Support agreement is similar to an Annual Maintenance Subscription but with fewer restrictions and with a much higher level of service.

Services Included

With Technical Support, you get all of the benefits of an Annual Maintenance Subscription plus the following additional benefits:

Limitations And Exclusions

Higher Levels Of Support

If you need more support than is provided by a technical support agreement, we will be happy to discuss a customized technical support package tailored to your specific needs. Or you can consider becoming an SQLite Consortium Member. Contact us at the address given below for additional information.

How To Purchase Technical Support

The standard technical support agreement described above costs $8000 (US) for one year. We can also provided customized technical support packages tailored to your individual needs. Please contact our office at +1.704.948.4565 during US east-coast business hours for additional information or to sign up.