Some Pure Tk Widgets

This page contains pointers to several new Tcl/Tk widgets that are written as pure Tcl/Tk code -- no C modules are required. Pure Tcl/Tk widgets can be run from an unmodified version of "wish", are completely platform independent, and can be run in the Tcl plugin.

The widgets currently available are listed below:

New widgets will be added to this set from time to time, so check back again for the very latest.

Elsewhere On The Net...

Unifix has made available an entire library of pure Tcl/Tk widgets call "BWidgets". There are some stability problems in release 1.0, but overall this widget set shows a great deal of promise. Keep a close eye on BWidgets and consider using them rather than the widgets I have provided above. The url is

Daniel Rochel has some pure Tcl/Tk widgets on his website. There is a directory chooser (similar to the standard tk_getOpenFile procedure, but locates directories instead of files.) There is also a nice balloon help widget and an alternative implementation of an notebook widget.

Brian Oakley as a pure Tk combobox that works with Tk 8.0. See his webpage at for addition information.

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