Tcl as One Big Executable

This page was last modified on 2001/02/10 23:10:54 GMT
The latest Tobe version is created on 2000/10/30 20:52:00 GMT


Tobe is a quick and easy way to bundle the Tcl/Tk interpreter, several popular Tcl extensions, and an arbitrary collection of Tcl scripts together into a single standalone executable. Here is a partial feature list:

Current Status

A change history is available online.

Tobe and this website are currently in development and are incomplete. Check back later for more up-to-date information.

Contributed Patches

Dave Bodenstab contributed some patches that fix some problems and add some features. I will attempt to incorporate those patches in main distribution when I get a chance. For now, you can download them and try them yourself. patch1.tar.gz Thanks, Dave.


Source code to Tobe is available for download below. Precompiled binaries are not currently available. The source code does not includes the sources to Tcl/Tk or the larger extensions. But the ZVFS, Winico, and TLink sources are included.


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