Index Of Tcl Consultants

The following is a list of individuals and/or companies who claim to have some expertise in Tcl/Tk programming and are willing to work for hire.

All of the information in this table is submitted by the named companies or individuals and is unaudited. Please send corrections and/or additions to

Belgian Graphic Interface. (BGI) Chaussee de Wavre, 1635
1160 Brussels - Belgium.
Phone :+32 2 675 56 73
Fax : +32 2 672 56 37

Developers of several Tcl core extension for windows95/NT including tclodbc (a Tcl interface to ODBC), Tclwin (A Tcl interface to create native windows dialog boxes and controls) and ActiveTcl (activeX for Tcl8). Over five years of Tcl experience.

Browsex Systems Inc 3567 Redwood Ave
Victoria, BC - Canada
Phone: 205.744.7121

Developer of Browsex Web Browser and TML. Major interest in web related TCL development. Most background is in Unix and Oracle DB admin.

Data Transport Solutions Inc. POB 270730
Fort Collins, CO 80527
Jeff Decker
Vice President

Extensive experience in Tcl/Tk. Major emphasis in Telecommunications and E-commerce. Consulting in Web site architecture and Quality Assurance also of interest. Superb references.

DedaSys Dedicated Systems Consulting

Specializes in using Tcl as glue to create tightly integrated, robust and extensible dedicated systems. Proficient in Tcl's C API. Experience with Linux, SQL, C, Python, Perl, XML. Coordinator of Apache Tcl project. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Hwaci D. Richard Hipp
Charlotte, NC
Phone: 704.948.4565

Free-lance programming since 1988. Extensive experience writing large Tcl/Tk applications and building custom Tcl/Tk widgets and extensions. Author of mktclapp, Tk Notebook Widget, PtTcl, Plot3d, Tk Tree Widget, TkHTML and more.

Explain Steve Ball

Infobahn Xpress
J.M. Ivler
11071 Bunkerhill Drive
Los Alamitos, CA

Infobahn Xpress is a general purpose consultancy. In over five years Infobahn Xpress has done a wide range of Internet based solutions using Tcl (and Perl when they had to). The principle of the consultancy is the author of The CGI Developer's Resource: Web Programming in Tcl and Perl from Prentice Hall. Infobahn Xpress also maintains the Tcl Resources listing (written in Tcl) and edu4kids an educational resource on the net all backended by Tcl programming.

Mnematics, Incorporated P.O. Box 19
Sparkill, NY 10976

Since 1982 Consultants with wide range of TCL experience, and a client list that includes many of the major corporations located in New York City. Support for all platforms. Mnematics is also an Internet Service Provider to businesses, and provides contract consulting services for Intranetworking, Security (firewalls).

Neatech Inc. 29707 NE 60th Street
Camas, WA 98607

Extensive experience using Tcl/Tk in software and hardware testing and automation.

Noumena Corporation 9300 Fleming Rd.
Dexter, MI 48130 USA
phone : 734-426-1066
fax : 734-426-5098

Noumena Corporation provides Tcl/Tk based software solutions and training. Our developmers and trainers each have over 2 decades of professional experience.

Noumena develops proposals, prototypes and final products for internal use and external end users.

President/CTO: Clif Flynt, author of Tcl/Tk for Real Programmers (MorganKauffman/Academic Press: 1998) and The Tclsh Spot (;login: magazine).

+1 281 648 9889

Specialist in "Rapid Enterprise Integrations". Broad experience in application development using variety of technologies, including Tcl, C++, Perl, Java, Python, FORTRAN, SQL, ..., over Unix (including *BSD, Solaris, Digital Unix, HP-UX, Linux, AIX, ...), NT, OpenVMS, RTOSs, ... Expert in Web applications. Particular strengths in process control, telecomm, finance, petroleum, and biomedical.

RPG Web Services 8302 Cypress Street
Laurel, MD, USA 20707
phone: 301-490-5685, fax: 301-490-5685

Working with Tcl/Tk plugins and GUI development in addition to their usual web design, cgi programming, and virtual hosting. Team includes an ex-NASA webmaster and the team lead for NASA's "WASABI" tclet.

RTX Services 2700 Stain Glass Court
Carrollton, TX 75007
phone: 972-242-3841, fax: 972-242-3941

5 years experience TCL/TK. Developed TCL - CLIPS interface. Developed HL7 message construction and parsing module. Developing threaded TCL HL7 message transformation engine.

Zveno Pty Ltd.
Canberra, Australia

Specializing in Web Application Development, expecially XML.