Release History

February 22, 2000
Version 3.10
  • Split large strings into muliple arrays to work around silly limitations of VC++.
  • Eliminate all references to interp->result
January 30, 2000
Version 3.9
  • Does a better job of removing comments from Tcl code.
  • Other minor bug fixes.
November 1, 1999
Version 3.8
  • Added the ability to build Tcl/Tk extensions, with or without the Stubs library.
  • Added the "Data Files" page on xmktclapp.tcl where users can enter GIFs or other binary files to be compiled into the application.
  • Various bug fixes.
August 7, 1999
Version 3.7
  • Fix a bug in version 3.6. Don't use version 3.6. Update immediately if you have version 3.6.
August 5, 1999
Version 3.6
  • Fix a bug in the UTF-8 handling while using Tcl8.1 and later.
July 5, 1999
Version 3.5
  • Improvements to the console so that "puts -nonewline" works.
  • Uses Tcl_GetByteArrayFromObj() with version 8.1 of Tcl so that binary files will work right.
  • A bug in the ET_OBJARGS macro was fixed.
June 28, 1999
Version 3.4
  • Major bug fixed that prevented mktclapp from compiling on systems with Tcl8.0.3 and later.
June 21, 1999
Version 3.3
  • Version 3.2 broke the TCL "gets" command in Tcl8.0.3 and later. This release fixes the problem.
  • "tclIndex" files are never compressed.
  • Added information on how to use autoconf with mktclapp.
  • Changes to help the output of mktclapp compile under SunOS.
June 14, 1999
Version 3.2
  • The GUI always starts at the last directory it was in when doing File/Open operations.
  • The interp create command now works (if linked to versions 8.0.3 or later of Tcl/Tk.)
  • Mktclapp now uses calls to functions TclStatInsertProc() TclAccessInsertProc(), and TclOpenFileChannelInsertProc() if that API is available. (The Insert-Proc API is available in Tcl/Tk 8.0.3 and later).
  • Some new mktclapp API functions have been added, but not yet documented. The documentation will follow in a future release.
June 4, 1999
Version 3.1
  • Now works with Tcl/Tk 8.1.
  • Output of puts now goes to the console.
  • Multi-line inputs are accepted.
  • The console will now cut and paste.
  • The console is started before the Startup Script runs, now afterwards. So puts statements in the Startup Script appear on the console.
May 31, 1999
Version 3.0
  • The major version number was incremented because of a very slight incompatibility with the previous version. There really is not that much difference from the prior version.
  • Better handling of initialization errors under Windows.
  • Added the "Other Libraries" listbox on the "Libraries" page of the GUI.
  • Instead of having the option to read command from Standard Input or not, there is now a third option to have a separate console window appear. (This is the incompatible change.)
  • The generated code works better under Windows now.
  • Improvements to the documentation.
May 1, 1999
Version 2.1
  • Better handling of TCL scripts created with Windows editors. (Fixed a CR-NL issue...)
  • Better support for non-English characters (characters above ASCII 0x7F)
  • Fixed an obscure coredump that can occur when compiling on systems with both Tcl7.4 and Tcl8.0 installed.
April 26, 1999
Version 2.0
The application wizard (xmktclapp.tcl) is greatly improved and now features a new configuration file format. Both mktclapp and xmktclapp.tcl share the same configuration file. The documentation is now complete. Several bug fixes.
March 18, 1999 Added support for namespaces (though that support is still undocumented) and fixed a bug in code that mktclapp generates.
January 1, 1999 The code that mktclapp generates can now be compiled by either a C or a C++ compiler. It works the same either way. Also, the Tcl_Obj interface is working and there is a brief mention of how to use it in the documentation.
December 30, 1998 Folks were having trouble with the "Startup" TCL script concept. So xmktclapp now gives a warning message for common errors. The color enhanced tk_messageBox widget was added to xmktclapp too. Also: There is now (undocumented) support for Tcl Object-commands in C modules.
December 5, 1998 Added a directory browser to the xmktclapp for selecting the directories containing the Tcl and Tk library scripts.
November 14, 1998 Autoloading of commands was not working properly in stand-alone executables. I added a hack to fix it while I dream up a more elegant solution. Also improved the error reporting some.
November 5, 1998 Better error reporting if there is a bug in the Startup script. Some spelling errors in the documentation fixed.
October 25, 1998 Fix a bug in the "shroud" feature that was introduced by the October 22 release. More documentation added.
October 22, 1998 The "Standalone" feature was not working correctly. This has now been fixed. The application now also uses a hash function to locate its built-in files, rather than a linear search.
October 20, 1998 Some minor bugs fixed in mktclapp.c and xmktclapp. No other changes.
October 18, 1998 Release of version 1.0 Beta 1. Documentation is still incomplete.

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