Quick Reference for Mktclapp

To create a new Tcl command named abcdef in C code, do this:
The ET_TCLARGS macro declares four parameters:

The C implementation of Tcl commands must return one of the following integer values: TCL_OK, TCL_ERROR, TCL_CONTINUE, TCL_BREAK, or TCL_RETURN.

To create a new Obj_Tcl command named ghijkl in C code, do this:


The following extra C functions are available:

Global C variables:

Global Tcl variables:

Mktclapp will create suitable implementations of the following functions if you fail to do so yourself:

If you make your own main, but sure it calls the routine Et_Init(argc,argv) at some point in order to create and initialize the Tcl interpreter.

To run the graphical application builder, type

wish xmktclapp.tcl
To run from the command line (or from within a Makefile) enter "mktclapp options..." For information on available options, type "mktclapp -help".

See complete documentation on mktclapp at http://www.hwaci.com/sw/mktclapp/mktclapp.html.