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SQLite C Interface

Overload A Function For A Virtual Table

int sqlite3_overload_function(sqlite3*, const char *zFuncName, int nArg);

R-23458-03780:[Virtual tables can provide alternative implementations of functions using the xFindFunction method of the virtual table module. But global versions of those functions must exist in order to be overloaded. ]

R-10543-26736:[This API makes sure a global version of a function with a particular name and number of parameters exists. If no such function exists before this API is called, a new function is created. ] R-16335-41477:[The implementation of the new function always causes an exception to be thrown. ] So the new function is not good for anything by itself. Its only purpose is to be a placeholder function that can be overloaded by a virtual table.

See also lists of Objects, Constants, and Functions.