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SQLite C Interface

SQLite Runtime Status

int sqlite3_status(int op, int *pCurrent, int *pHighwater, int resetFlag);
int sqlite3_status64(
  int op,
  sqlite3_int64 *pCurrent,
  sqlite3_int64 *pHighwater,
  int resetFlag

R-27985-03553:[These interfaces are used to retrieve runtime status information about the performance of SQLite, and optionally to reset various highwater marks. ] R-26177-52471:[The first argument is an integer code for the specific parameter to measure. ] R-47730-38043:[Recognized integer codes are of the form SQLITE_STATUS_.... ] R-19757-35036:[The current value of the parameter is returned into *pCurrent. ] R-12804-26213:[The highest recorded value is returned in *pHighwater. ] R-17564-54218:[If the resetFlag is true, then the highest record value is reset after *pHighwater is written. ] R-46643-08949:[Some parameters do not record the highest value. For those parameters nothing is written into *pHighwater and the resetFlag is ignored. ] R-26427-33659:[Other parameters record only the highwater mark and not the current value. For these latter parameters nothing is written into *pCurrent. ]

R-22799-40241:[The sqlite3_status() and sqlite3_status64() routines return SQLITE_OK on success and a non-zero error code on failure. ]

If either the current value or the highwater mark is too large to be represented by a 32-bit integer, then the values returned by sqlite3_status() are undefined.

See also: sqlite3_db_status()

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