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SQLite C Interface

Configure an auto-checkpoint

int sqlite3_wal_autocheckpoint(sqlite3 *db, int N);

R-38128-34102:[The sqlite3_wal_autocheckpoint(D,N) is a wrapper around sqlite3_wal_hook() that causes any database on database connection D to automatically checkpoint after committing a transaction if there are N or more frames in the write-ahead log file. ] R-26993-43540:[Passing zero or a negative value as the nFrame parameter disables automatic checkpoints entirely. ]

R-10203-42688:[The callback registered by this function replaces any existing callback registered using sqlite3_wal_hook(). ] R-17497-43474:[Likewise, registering a callback using sqlite3_wal_hook() disables the automatic checkpoint mechanism configured by this function. ]

R-30135-06439:[The wal_autocheckpoint pragma can be used to invoke this interface from SQL. ]

R-33080-59193:[Checkpoints initiated by this mechanism are PASSIVE. ]

R-41531-51083:[Every new database connection defaults to having the auto-checkpoint enabled with a threshold of 1000 or SQLITE_DEFAULT_WAL_AUTOCHECKPOINT pages. ] The use of this interface is only necessary if the default setting is found to be suboptimal for a particular application.

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