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SQL As Understood By SQLite




R-23367-02194:[ ]




The INSERT statement comes in three basic forms.

R-03235-45250:[The "REPLACE" and "INSERT OR action" forms specify an alternative constraint conflict resolution algorithm to use during this one INSERT command. ] See the section titled ON CONFLICT for additional information. For compatibility with MySQL, R-23110-47146:[the parser allows the use of the single keyword REPLACE as an alias for "INSERT OR REPLACE". ]

R-59829-49719:[The optional "schema-name." prefix on the table-name is supported for top-level INSERT statements only. ] R-05731-00924:[The table name must be unqualified for INSERT statements that occur within CREATE TRIGGER statements. ] R-15888-36326:[Similarly, the "DEFAULT VALUES" form of the INSERT statement is supported for top-level INSERT statements only and not for INSERT statements within triggers. ]