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SQLite C Interface

Database Connection Status

int sqlite3_db_status(sqlite3*, int op, int *pCur, int *pHiwtr, int resetFlg);

R-35865-29619:[This interface is used to retrieve runtime status information about a single database connection. ] R-27847-27229:[The first argument is the database connection object to be interrogated. ] R-50083-60579:[The second argument is an integer constant, taken from the set of SQLITE_DBSTATUS options, that determines the parameter to interrogate. ] The set of SQLITE_DBSTATUS options is likely to grow in future releases of SQLite.

R-46863-28786:[The current value of the requested parameter is written into *pCur and the highest instantaneous value is written into *pHiwtr. ] R-63806-59621:[If the resetFlg is true, then the highest instantaneous value is reset back down to the current value. ]

R-11740-30529:[The sqlite3_db_status() routine returns SQLITE_OK on success and a non-zero error code on failure. ]

See also: sqlite3_status() and sqlite3_stmt_status().

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