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SQLite C Interface

Copy And Free SQL Values

sqlite3_value *sqlite3_value_dup(const sqlite3_value*);
void sqlite3_value_free(sqlite3_value*);

R-10836-27632:[The sqlite3_value_dup(V) interface makes a copy of the sqlite3_value object D and returns a pointer to that copy. ] R-47129-02844:[The sqlite3_value returned is a protected sqlite3_value object even if the input is not. ] R-35640-30414:[The sqlite3_value_dup(V) interface returns NULL if V is NULL or if a memory allocation fails. ]

R-06690-32088:[The sqlite3_value_free(V) interface frees an sqlite3_value object previously obtained from sqlite3_value_dup(). ] R-04591-34196:[If V is a NULL pointer then sqlite3_value_free(V) is a harmless no-op. ]

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