A Tool For Mixing C/C++ with Tcl/Tk

Last Update: 2001 June 1 (Version 3.11)

Mktclapp is a utility that helps you mix C/C++ with Tcl/Tk to make a standalone executable. Using mktclapp, you can write programs where:

Mktclapp gives programmers the freedom to use C code for the things that C is good at (computation, complex data structures, etc.) while simultaneously using Tcl for the things that Tcl is good at (the user interface.)

Mktclapp is a command-line program that can be run from a makefile. But there is also a GUI "application wizard" that makes it easy to use. The mktclapp program itself and the GUI application wizard are each contained in a single source file.

The Mktclapp program and the application wizard are covered by the GNU Public License. But the output generated by mktclapp is in the public domain and can be used in any way you want.

The following items are available for download:

Contact for comments, questions and/or bug reports. If you find mktclapp helpful, a quick e-mail to the author will be greatly appreciated.

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